Kobukan association for Japanese Martial Arts

Since the Autumn of 1994 when our Kobukan association was first founded in Munich Schwabing, we have been training in Aikido and Karate.

In addition to the physical training - fitness, body control, muscle building - the development of the personality of the individual is an important aspect. In martial arts, the focus is placed on self-defense rather than on the success in combat sports. For us, respectful behavior, a friendly atmosphere and training enjoyment are important factors.

Through our small training groups, we can look after the trainees; their level and abilities being valued and promoted. On courses, demonstrations and championships, the students gain valuable experience and contacts.

Training sessions for adults are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:00.  On weekends, we organize seminars, special training courses or organize other sporting activities such as Skiing.

Come visit us during our Training times for a free trial training session or just to watch!